HeartHub: Patient Education Material in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese

The American Heart Association provides an online portal for patients called HeartHub that provides information, resources, and tools in the areas of cardiovascular disease and stroke. For those who like to incorporate technology into maintaining and improving their health, its an excellent portal to browse. Topics discussed include warning signs of serious conditions, healthy recipes, risk factors, as well as details of various cardiovascular conditions and procedures.

The best part of all is that portions of this site have also been translated into three languages including Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Sample entries in Spanish include:

¿Qué es la angina de pecho?
¿Qué es la fibrilación auricular?
¿Qué es la insuficiencia cardiaca?
¿Qué es un ataque al corazón?
¿Qué es un marcapasos?
¿Qué es la angioplastia coronaria?

Sample entries in Vietnamese include:

Chứng Đau thắt ngực là gì?
Rung tâm nhĩ là gì?
Suy tim là gì?
Cơn đau tim là gì?
Máy tạo nhịp tim là gì?
Tạo hình Động mạch Vành là gì?

I highly recommend that patients with a history of heart disease look at this site. Share these links with your friends and family.