Sitting More Increases the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A study of postmenopausal women without a history of cardiovascular disease found that regardless of levels of physical activity, those who reported sitting over 10 hours a day had an 18% increased risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who sit less than 5 hours a day.  The association was stronger in those who were overweight and older than 70 years old. Additionally, those with low physical activity had higher risk of cardiovascular disease. The risk was highest in women who were both physically inactive and endorsed 10 and more hours of sitting per day.

Studies such as this reinforce the importance of physical activity in all patients. Watch the series of videos below from the CDC below to learn more about the benefits of physical activity in improving your health and improving your quality of life.

Physical Activity Guidelines — Introduction

Physical Activity Guidelines – Getting Started

Physical Activity Guidelines – What Counts As Aerobic?